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Communists vs. Salafists: fostering a culture of democracy in Tunisia

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A photo report of an encounter with the people of Revolution cities Thala and Regueb. In a country which does not has an established culture of democracy, how to promote dialogue between different parts of society without having people at each other’s throat? A relevant question for the people of Tunisia who are in some […]

One year after the Tunisian revolution, what has changed for the deprived regions?

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Exactly one year ago, on 17 December 2010, the 26-year old street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire, as a statement against his hopeless situation and moreover an act of absolute desperation. The action incited many Tunisians in the interior regions to go into the streets to demonstrate against their unfavourable socioeconomic situation and […]

Good Governance in Tunisia: from democracy to prosperity

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Now that the election hurricane has calmed down and the daily life in Tunisia is regaining normal pace, the EU delegation can focus on more structural affairs. The political section is drafting scenarios for the future political constellation. The section responsible for development cooperation has launched several ambitious programs.

A new Tunisia, new realities

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Exactly one week after the elections, it is about time to draw up the balance sheet. In Tunisia no election night with incoming results from the different polling station, but an entire week in which results are made public every now and then. The process of counting (and recounting) took a couple of days. Not […]

The people have voted, long live democracy

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The header of the main Tunisian newspaper this morning. Over 70% of entitled Tunisians casted their ballots yesterday in the first free and fair elections of the Tunisian history. A turnout much higher than expected. Everywhere in the country long queues of people were formed in front of the polling stations. People arriving at rush […]

Elections in Tunisia: Let the Games begin

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After months of waiting, the election date is finally in sight. As of this weekend political parties and individual candidates are officially aloud to campaign for their election to the Constitutional Council. Until 24 hours before the Election Day, October 23rd, the parties will do everything to convince the Tunisians that they are the best […]

Elections, Islamists and the role of the EU in Tunisia

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In my first posting I wrote about the sometimes heated discussions in Tunisia’s daily life. This week, two subjects attracted a lot of attention from the public. “Thy shall marry young” Ennahda, the political party which represents most of the so-called Islamists in Tunisia, presented its party program for the upcoming elections. Under the regime […]

Excitement in the run up to the Elections in Tunisia

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It is interesting to follow the developments in Tunisia for different reasons. Those who followed the events of the revolution earlier this year, might have lost sight of the sequel, or have forgotten about it at all. However, the country is stirring and the Tunisian people have landed into a crucial phase of their process […]

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